Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Classic Black and White feat. Crop Tops , Puffed Shoulder Blazers , and Patterned Skirts

Never expected there to be a wide array of decent backgrounds to shoot in front of right in the center of midtown manhattan, on a not so busy or conspicuous street.

I was playing with patterns, and attempting to set these bold black and white designs against geometric or waterfall backdrops. The weather has never felt better here in the city; it's time to bring out those crop tops and miniskirts, ladies :)

All photos by Dennis C  -

Friday, May 30, 2014

Strolling in Soho feat. Gucci and Burberry

Sunglasses - Gucci , shop bluefly , forzieri , sunglass hut 

Coat - Burberry - shop shopstyle

All photos by Dennis C -

I honestly feel that if I continue staying here in New York, I need to move to Soho. The modern vibes, local cafes, clothing boutiques, and the scenery in general of the cobblestone streets and the vibrant people, combine to exemplify what I want to see every time  I walk around the city. 

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dennis, an established photographer, and it was amazing at how many quirky, unusual, or unique backgrounds or figures we could find within the stretch of a only a few consecutive streets. The weather was great, better than what the forecast had inferred, and I found that the color of my dress made everything pop in color :) Everyday, excluding perhaps your 10+ hour workdays, should feel like this: free and explorative, with the time and freedom to simply enjoy the moment at hand while discovering new things, places, or people. It was probably not until this day did I really feel like I've missed the city after living overseas for a while; growing up, I never really set foot in Soho, but now that I have, I've learned more about myself and the atmosphere I love. Yes, travel moves you.

Just wanted to end by sharing a unique find that I discovered online while shopping for a gift. Check out Coordinates Collection where you can order a custom made bracelet, ring, or necklace with the coordinates of a location in the world that you personally choose! It can be anywhere that gives you your happiest memories or a place that holds significant meaning, and on the inside you can also add a personalized message or phrase. I think this would make the perfect gift for anyone, not that x-mas is coming anytime soon. You're very welcome :)

Quote of the day:  “Don’t give up; the beginning is always the hardest.” – Kemmy Nola 

I've been finding this quote so relatable lately, let's spread the word and stay strong. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Floral Spring ft. Coach , AEO

Blue Sheer Top - shop American Eagle

Dress - shop Forever 21

Necklace - shop H&M

Shoes - shop COACH

Photos by Marcus Anthony -

Taken on a beautiful day inside the nypl in midtown, the only 'museum' that allows photos without giving you a hard time about it. I can't believe spring's almost over, but I'm enjoying the remaining days as wholeheartedly as I possibly can. I can't tell you how much of a sucker I am for floral prints; the possibilities of designs and colors to experiment with are endless. If I truly go on to pursue one of my to-do-before-I-pass dreams of starting my own fashion line, I'll be sure to include personalized floral prints and flower designs as one of the defining aspects. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sheer Blue at Bryant Park feat. H&M, AE

Top - American Eagle, buy here

Necklace - VINCA jewelry, buy here

Sunglasses - H&M, shop here

Heels - Calvin Klein - shop +dswshoewarehouse here

Photos by Marcus Anthony

The past two days here in the city have been so humid and hot, I've even had some trouble breathing outside D: Maybe I still can't get over that long winter we've had plus my familiarity with the weather overseas has made this sudden and drastic change in New York a bit hard to adjust to. 

That being said, I decided to opt for some sheer cool blue. Colors truly do affect your mood and also definitely affect the way you feel in spring/summer weather. 

I stopped by the beautiful Bryant Park to take a stroll around the flowers, the carousel, and the fountain. So many colors, so many sights to photograph, both literally and mentally. Always a nice peaceful place, parks are welcoming, great for when you just need some rest for your troubled, work-filled mind. 

Love this necklace by VINCA, with the phrase 'Let's Make Music' and yes, a real harmonica! how cute is that? and music does make my life btw.

More colors, these were gifts I received from a friend who traveled to Jordan. I LOVE vintage antique handmade jewelry, always a must-buy souvenir when traveling. 

The carousel! childhood vibes 

Quote of the day: “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

The sun is up, let's turn our creative imagination into reality.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Classic Red feat. Burberry

Trench Coat - Burberry London , shop at Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue

Sequin Top - Ann Taylor Loft , shop LOFT

Pencil Skirt - Forever 21 , shop forever21

Booties bought in Japan, find similar ones by Michael Kors at Bloomingdales 
or by Givenchy at yoox

Photos by Marcus Anthony -

Red is truly a universal color. Passion, love, elegance, sophistication - its meanings are endless. Embrace red ladies, it can signify the epitome of your femininity. 

Being fairly short doesn't matter when you've got Burberry making their Crombook trench coats the perfect length, wear them over a minidress and some heels and you're set for the night. 

Enjoy Spring '14 before it ends too soon! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gold and Green Military Dress feat. Calvin Klein

Dress: Calvin Klein - shop similar at Belk 

Jean Leggings: Levi's - shop at Zappos

Heels: Calvin Klein - shop at DSW

Photos by Marcus Anthony -

I'm so pleased to have been able to visit Lincoln Center again after about 6 years and have a few photos taken around the area, and of course, of me on top of the fountain. 

A very sophisticated vibe, not to mention a nice place to always meet up and coming musicians, some of whom are still in high school!


Military green is the only green I'll ever wear. Love the art on the walls, very inspirational. 

Love the simple gold details on this, really wish they would have made a minidress version as well.

And the shoes,
ankle strap heels define sophistication.